Megan Mullally & Karen Walker Quotes

Megan Mullally

On working with Madonna: I enjoyed working with her because she worked so hard. She just wanted to rehearse and rehearse and rehearse because she just really wanted it to be good.

On her chemistry with co-star Sean Hayes: Sean and I can do things in perfect unison because we have this really weird affinity. We’ve totally freaked each other out by doing exactly the same thing, having the exact same instinct, at the same time.

On the day of her final audition for Will & Grace: Two hours before the test, at 2pm, Tracy Lilienfield called me because she knew I was thinking of not showing up. And I was home in my pyjamas, eating scrambled eggs – no makeup or hairdo or anything.

Karen Walker

Hey, hey, hey. Come on! I know what guilt is. It’s one of those touchy-feely words that people throw around that don’t really mean anything. You know, like &maternal& or &addiction.&

I’m fabulous… I’m an incredible dresser, I’ve got buckets of money, I’m a hoot and a half and I got a killer rack.

Honey, Whats that? Whats going on? Whats happening?

Husbands come and go but the Chanel slingback is forever?

You call me down to this godforsaken place, to tell me my kids made the honor roll? Honey, my time is precious. Call me when one of them gives birth at the prom!

Lordy, lordy, look at all the freaks.

The only other person I’ve apologized to was my mother, and that was court ordered. So take the apology in the spirit it was intended, or I’ll kick you in the gen’als.

If you want people to like you you have to buy them things.

Honey, I often ask people on my staff to do different things. Cook sometimes cleans. Cleaner sometimes cooks. Driver sometimes provides an alibi.

Drive a car, drive a boat, drive a plane. What does it matter? So long as I’m drunk.