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Megan Mullally

Welcome to the homepage of my unofficial fansite for Megan Mullally.

Visitors to this website should note that I am in no way connected with Megan Mullally, her representation, Will & Grace, NBC or Megans band The Supreme Music Program

This is just a website I’ve created for other UK fans and visitors from around the world.

Now that the important bit is out of the way I can tell you what I have planned for the site.

Downloads Every fans favourite part of any website! Well this site should be no exception.

I currently have over 70 media files for you to watch, with more on the way.

Theres also, Megan Mullally Wallpapers, Megan Mullally Screengrabs, Megan Mullally / Karen Walker Quotes, Megan Mullally Interviews, information & much more

Click on the menu links to explore the site or take a look at the Site Map for a list of everypage on the site.

The site has only just been launched this year but there are already over 50 pages of facts, pictures, and content.

As this is a fansite any contributions of media files or or information you can make would be most welcome.

Do you have any Megan Mullally related images, wallpapers, interviews, downloads you’d like to share?

Drop me an email using the Contact Me link at the bottom of the page.

Most of you will know Megan Mullally for her award winning role as Karen on Will & Grace.

Well as Megan herself said on “Saturday Night Live” shes so much more than that!

On this site you can find information on everything Megan Mullally has done throughout her career.

Some of you will be surprised to know Megan can sing and before Will & Grace starred in Broadway Musicals.

Megan also has a band – The Supreme Music Program – another pre Will & Grace venture with whom she regularly performs to sell out crowds in America.

Keep an eye on the Megan Mullally News Page for any updates I’ve made to the site – or sign up to the mailing list.

There’s also some competitions on various pages around the site – so have a browse and see what you could win!I hope you enjoy the website – if you have any comments or feedback you can use the Contact Me link below.