Frequently Asked Questions…..

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Welcome to another interactive page of the site.

In the questions below I’ve tried to think of the questions most likely to be sent in from all you lovely visitors.

I will of course have missed out loads of stuff you want to know. This is where you come in.

Ask anything you like – I may not always have the answer but it would be nice to hear from you anyway!

To ask a question just send it using the form below or send an email marked Frequently Asked Questions to [email protected]

New questions will be added to this page just as soon as I receive some

    • Q: Is this an offical site?
    • A: No. As it states on my disclaimer page I am not in any way connected with Megan Mullally, her representation, NBC or anyone else.
      This is just a fansite with information gathered from the web or other publications.
    • Q: Where can I buy the Sweetheart Break In Album?
    • A: No one sells it at the moment as only 2,500 copies were made. It may be re-released this later this year. Copies sometimes appear on ebay – but fetch alot of money
    • Q: When is Megans next concert?
    • A: Check out the News page for any details of Megans concerts, films, awards etc
    • Q: How can I contact the owner of this website?
    • A: Just send an email to [email protected] You will soon be able to chat to me on MSN. Details will appear here soon.