Contact Addresses

Contact Addresses for Fanmail & Autographs

Listed below are the known contact addresses for Megan Mullally.

Please note when sending any type of fanmail include a stamped addressed envelope especially if you are asking for an autograph.

Due to Megans busy schedule its unlikely she will be able to reply individually to each fanmail request.

If you do get a response it could take weeks especially if you’re writing from the UK.

Sadly the official signed pictures on ebay look like they could be prints or autopen autographs.

These are normally distributed by the studios to fans and save stars a lot of time signing autographs but are of course not the same as a genuine autograph.

Make sure you clearly include any contact details and put the right amount of stamps on both envelopes.
I will try to find out how people in the UK can send an SAE.

It will help to hand write your letter as this shows you’ve made an effort and not just printed off a standard letter.

I would imagine your mail would be more likely to reach Megan if you send it to her agents address rather than NBC or Komut.

People have received their letters back from NBC stating they don’t accept fanmail.

You can still request a signed picture from NBC or Komut though.

If you do receive a reply email me using the contact page below and let me know!

Megan Mullally’s  Agent Megan Mullally
 c/o The Gersh Agency
 232 North Canon Drive
 Beverly Hills
 Will and Grace
 3000 West Alameda Ave
 CA 91523
 USA   Komut Entertainment Will and Grace
 KoMut Entertainment
 4024 Radford Avenue
 Bungalow 7
 Studio City
 CA 91604
 USA   Email: [email protected]
 Please Note: This email address is for signed photo requests ONLY.
 You can apply FREE from anywhere in the world but it may
 take up to 3 months to get your photo.
 Just email them with your name & address.
 As soon as mine arrives I will post a message here.