Megan Mullally Biography & Random Facts

Name: Megan Mullally (No Middle Name) 
Meaning of “Megan”: An inspiring leader whose originality, creativity and wisdom is applied to creating practical solutions to “unsolvable” problems.
Humanitarian and idealistic her vision is to make the world a better place. Hardworking and tenacious people admire her for her honesty and integrity. A loved and loyal friend and partner.
Has the potential to achieve enormous success in the world.  
Age: 46 
Birthday: 12th November 
Starsign: Scorpio 
Spouse: Nick Offerman 
Pets: 2 Poodles named Willa & Elmo 
Height: 5’4″ 
Occupation: Currently starring in the hit Sitcom “Will & Grace”.
Megan also tours with her band The Supreme Music Program.
Megan has also appeared in films, musicals & tv shows. 
Awards: Megan has won an Emmy & 4 Screen Actors Guild Awards for her outstanding performances on Will & Grace. 
Random Facts: Megan has recently discovered Ebay and has been bidding on early Catwoman comics!
Megan once auditioned for a role on Seinfeld.
Megan has recorded 3 M&Ms commercials.
Megan has had parts in the following sitcoms;
Ned & Stacey
Mad About You
Caroline in the City
Just Shoot Me
& Third Rock From The Sun